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PHP Resources

PHP resourcesd PHP allows you to put dynamic content on your website. The PHP resources section has a load of stuff dedicated to PHP. All the scripts are free to download and use in your own website.

The section includes free scripts and tutorials on how to do some basics in PHP. To run these scripts, you must a hosting package that has PHP installed. The tuorials tells you how to create PHP files and how to liven up your website. More...

HTML resources

HTML resourcesd The HTML resources section contains some stuff to help you create a website. Given are some tutorials on HTML and how to create a working website. Use this section to create your own site or to find some bits you can add to your website.

Also included are some templates that you can download andd use to create a website quickly. Some of the templates include some PHP to use if you have that in your hosting package. More...


Get all the latest news. Includes news about this website, UK news headlines, sports headlines etc. There is a different page for news from different websites. Each page includes the RSS feeds from the other websites, meaning you can click the headline to look at the article in detail. More...


A page of links to other websites. You can look at a full list, or choose a category to to view links for that category.

Christian Resources

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Welcome to my website. News feeds from all around the web are in the news section        free PHP scripts and tutorials        HTML resources and free web templates        best of the web in the links section       


Hello! This is my website.

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How to use strings in PHP. Learn how to add strings together, access substrings and manipulate strings for your PHP program. More...

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